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Smobler is a turnkey metaverse architect headquartered in Singapore with representative offices in Asia, North America, Latin America and Africa.

Our Four Pillars

Smobler is poised to be the web3 leader and is backed by Brinc and The Sandbox, a portfolio company of Animoca Brands.

We are also supported by InfoMedia Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA), Enterprise Singapore, Plug and Play, German Entrepreneurship, ScaleUp inBrazil, AWS and UBS.

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Metaverse Builds

We are Metaverse architects, crafting immersive experiences not only for legacy brands but also for Web3 entities, government agencies, NGOs, and more.

Phygital Events

We create unique experiences that seamlessly blend the physical and digital worlds, offering a bridge between these two realms to unlock new possibilities.

Blockchain Games

We produce Web3 games, leveraging the world's most popular blockchain platforms to offer engaging and innovative gaming experiences within the Metaverse.

Decentralized Marketplace Application (dApp)

We take Metaverse experiences to greater heights by providing a proprietary portal to incentivize a wider community to participate in our activations across platforms

Our Proprietary IPs

Smobler is a metaverse pioneer known for its innovative storytelling, brand building, metaverse strategy and creative games.

We are curating a series of proprietary IPs and will soon launch our SNOW token integrated within Smobler dapp.


A breathtaking, educational adventure that allows players to explore the Himalayan mountains while making new friends, learning about its history and gaining critical awareness on the impact of global warming.

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Cobbleland in
The Sandbox

A multiexperience social hub, theme park and exposition, showcasing companies, brands, products, and intellectual properties through modular design.

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Makers. Meets. Metaverse.

An in-real-life (IRL) experience celebrating the communities created by and connected with the Smobler ecosystem by bringing international members together to meet and foster collaborations in the burgeoning open metaverse.

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Our User Generated Content (UGCs)

We pride ourselves on creating jobs for digital creators as well as enabling SMEs and corporates to gain access into the Web3 / Metaverse space. Smobler has created a suite of world’s first projects for legacy brands, government agencies, NGOs and NPOs. We also initiated the inaugural cross chain project with Clay Nation.

Dreamscape by SNACK

Conceptualized and built by Smobler, Dreamscape is a virtual experience within The Sandbox Game that provides all Singaporeans with an immersive and interactive experience where they can pursue their dreams and aspirations.

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Let's Celebrate 2024

This is the first metaverse game released by Singapore’s largest content creator and national media network, Mediacorp and Singapore’s first countdown game experience.

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Smobler and 8SIAN join forces to create 8SIANTOWN - underscoring significant strides taken by women in the tech industry to foster a stronger commitment towards diversity, inclusivity and creativity.

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LKY100: Light and Brilliance

Singaporean artist y/x together with Smobler launched Light and Brilliance (光宗耀祖) in The Sandbox as part of NOVA held on 12 September 2023.

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StarHub, Rotary Club Singapore and EQUAL entered a tripartite partnership to create an equestrian inspired wellness sanctuary on Roblox with Smobler as the metaverse architect.

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Clay Nation

Smobler is bringing the largest NFT project on the Cardano blockchain into The Sandbox metaverse with a gamified experience.

This will be the first interoperable project between Cardano and Polygon network.

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Aventis Metaverse School

Aventis Graduate School, an award-winning graduate school and corporate training provider headquartered in Singapore, today unveiled its metaverse roadmap to become Asia’s first graduate school to enter the open metaverse.

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Metaverse Wedding at The Alkaff Mansion

1-Group, Smobler and The Sandbox utilized the metaverse not simply for gaming, but for holy matrimony. The first ever metaverse wedding was held in The Sandbox as well as in real life as a collective virtual shared space. 

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1st Kingdom in the Metaverse.​ Bhutanverse allows global communities to experience the beauty of the Land of Happiness.

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Hytech Christmas Party

This is a 2-in-1 experience that featured a metaverse Christmas Party in Decentraland as well as a surprise rebranding reveal of the corporation.

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Tools of Rock in
The Sandbox

Tools of Rock is a multi-use concert venue in the Sandbox Game premised on the sold out 10K NFT project Gods of Rock.

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Metaverse for Good

Our #MetaverseforGood Initiative

Metaverse for Good is an initiative of Smobler and a LAND partnership with Octava who appointed Smobler to develop the 12x12 estate in The Sandbox.

All NGOs, social enterprise, brands and services that build community can participate in Metaverse for Good.


Unlocking Tech Careers of the Future.

HERSTORY is an initiative by Smobler to Introduce the community to the no code VoxEdit by The Sandbox

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